"Standards of Excellence" Since 1972
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"Auggie can fly!"  -- click picture to see full size

Hi there, welcome to the wonderful world of the Standard Poodle. We have been breeding and showing poodles for over 40 years and we are proud of the fact that we have over 60 Champion Standard Poodles to our name.  We have produced Poodles who excel in Obedience, Agility, Hunting, Retrieving, as Guide dogs for the blind, Therapy dogs and of course in the Conformation ring.  We primarily breed black and cream Standard Poodles.  We only breed when we expect the litter to produce a new puppy for our line, and anyone who's been to our home can see how well loved the SUNDANCE poodles are.

As breeders we are fanatical about genetic testing and DO test for hips (OFA), Sebaceous Adenitis (GDC), PRA (CERF), thyroid and Von Willebrands (factor 8 in the blood). Of course this doesn't insure that all will be well so we guarantee (in writing) our puppies against any documented life threatening genetic disorder. Our guarantee is for life as there is no time limit on the manifestation of genetic problems.

Please have a look around our website, admire our beautiful Standard Poodles, read about getting your own Standard Poodle Puppy, and feel free to contact us.  

Well everybody wanted a web page, so here it is, but you still have to make the call!!!

Good Luck In Your Search,
Bob & Penny Daugherty


Our special thanks to Ronelle Vaughn, Stan Voje,
Kay Palade, Diane Wigelsworth and all the judges
helped make our Poodles famous !!!
And special kudos to Victoria Hoffman who has enabled
our poodles to excel in the wonderful world of Agility!

"Standards of Excellence" Since 1972
About Us  |  Our Poodles  |  Puppies  |  Contact Us  |  Home

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