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Sundance Poodle Puppies!
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"Bucket o' puppies!"


It never ceases to amaze me how many people call or email us looking for a poodle and I would estimate at least 70% of the people have had a poodle touch their lives in the past. Most all of them would not even consider owning another breed. To take it a step further, poodles are "people dogs"!!! To raise a poodle in a kennel situation is like raising a child in a jailhouse environment, we spend untold hours playing with our puppies and we play with them outside in the yard at 6 weeks old. They learn to run and play and cavort with each other as puppies so when they leave our home, they go to yours, another home environment and within a couple of weeks they will have "you" completely trained and on your way to a life-long relationship.


"Ben the intrepid investigator"
If you have made a decision to get a puppy, please do a little homework!! Ask the person you are talking to why they bred the litter in the first place? Do you test the parents for genetic abnormalities and who did the testing? Will they give you copies of the results for your records? How many litters do you breed in a year? Do you breed any other dogs and what are they? And last but not least, what do you do for a living besides breeding dogs? This should give you a pretty good perspective about who you are buying a dog from and an even better idea of what your puppy has been through in its short little life! It is unfortunate that there are people who live off of the dogs they breed and could care less about who or what they breed. Unfortunately there is not a "Consumer Reports" to go to get this information, so it is solely up to you to do the legwork. Don't buy a puppy on a impulse!!


We put copies of all testing in the puppy packets that we send home with our puppies and we are big believers in Costco/Kirkland's NEW Nature's Domain Grain-Free dogfood, which also goes home with new babies. 

Our dogs live with us, sleep with us and all puppies are well socialized and somewhat potty trained by the time they're ready to be part of a new family.

We only breed when we expect the litter to produce a new puppy for our line, and anyone who's been to our home can see how well  loved the SUNDANCE poodles are. We prefer to have people come to us in person to buy a dog. It's much easier to have a breeder that you can call or drive to for help, advice and support.

"Standards of Excellence" Since 1972
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